【in Shinagawa】 Challenge "1min Idea Pitch" session - learn from Startup Weekend (SW) process - Pitch, form Team, Give your idea a shape in the Real World (SW Manazuru presents)

Tue, 15 Apr 2014 19:00 - 21:10 JST

KOKUYO Eco Live Office Shinagawa

1-8-35 Kounan Minato-ku, Tokyo


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Free admission
You can bring your food and drink to the venue.


English language support will be provided at the session.

【Reference】 Startup Weekend "Text Book" on "1 minute Idea Pitch (Presentation)"

Original by Dave McClure of 500Startups

■ Time Table

Time Content
18:30 Venue Open
19:00 〜 19:30 Explaining SW, how it is operated, and Lean Startup Approach
19:30 〜 20:00 Introducing SW Manazuru and Manazuru town

(As we aim SW Manazuru to be with participants with various backgrounds in order to make it a "stage" to launch your ideas on new society form, lifestyles and workstyles - such as combining urban aspects and local region aspects.)
20:00 〜 20:10 break
20:10 〜 20:55 Practice!! "1 minute Idea Pitch (presentation)"

(It is not mandatory but we recommend to try! ^^ )
20:55 〜 21:10 Q&A, Feed back time of today's session and SW Manazuru

【Message from team Startup Weekend Manazuru】

Hi everyone!

We are to hold a Startup Weekend event on Fri June 20 〜 Sun 22 in Manazuru, which is located in the west part of Kanagawa prefecture.

Startup Weekend is originally launched in the US and currently spreading and held in nearly 500 cities and areas around the World - growing as the world's largest startup encouraging and supporting community.

Before haveing a Startup Weekend session in Manazuru, we would like to have a pre-session in Shinagawa (courtesy of KOKUYO Co.,Ltd.),

focusing on:

  • explanation on Startup Weekend
  • brief introduction of Lean Startup approach - backbone of Startup Weekend session operation
  • explanation on "1 minute Idea Pitch (presentation)" - fundamental first step of Startup Weekend participants
    (We believe this is fundamental skill not only in Startup Weekend sessions but also in every occasion when you try to start something and explaining your idea to others.)

  • explantaion on Manazuru town

* trying out "1 minute Idea Pitch" infront of participants
(Not mandatory but we recommend you to try for below reasons.
In Startup Weekend sessions, we often see participants fail to deliver what they have wanted to deliver to the audience within one minute.
So we would like to provide a practicing opportunity.)

Session admission is free and KOKUYO venue in Shinagawa is really nice.
Please feel free to join and try out "1 minute Idea Pitch" opportunity

We look forward to seeing you all in Shinagawa!!

【SW Manazuru web site】

(SW has been spread so far in Japan: TokyoKyotoOsakaNagoyaFukuokaKumamotoOkinawaSendaiIshinomakiNagano(Shinshu) and it will be held in Niigata and Yokohama this April.
Manazuru is supposed to be the very first SW session to be held in a town populated under 10,000.)

■ We would like participants who are especially :

(We believe that "1 minute Idea Pitch [presentation] skill is fundamental in any occasion to explain your idea to others and give your idea a shape in the real world. So participating with any reason other than below is welcome.)

  • interested in knowing what Startup Weekend is.
  • interested in participating any Startup Weekend session in the future
  • interested in trying out "1 minute Idea Pitch (presentation)"
  • holding a starup idea to create new form of society, lifestyle or workstyle combininng urban area (like Tokyo) and local area (like Manazuru)


■ 2 fundamental elements in participating Startup Weekend

1) deliver "1 minute Idea Pitch (presentation)" well in order to convey your (startup) ideas to others

2) understanding "Lean Startup Approach" which is a backbone of Startup Weekend session operation

■ What we aim in this pre-session

We aim the participants to have brief understanding of the importance of the 2 aspects during the session along with the time table noted previously.

The highlight will be trying out "1 minute Idea Pitch (presentation)" by yourselves in front of the audience.

(We will not make it mandatory however we highly recommend you try.

In actual Startup Weekend session, we often see participants who fail to deliver their ideas within 1 minute.

Other than participating Startup Weekend, we believe it works as a fundamental skill to deliver your ideas and give them into shape in your startup plan or projects at your office.)

■ FYI : Startup Weekend session procedure

Firstly, we will gather on a Friday evening and do

  • "1 minute Idea Pitch (presentation)" by those who wish
  • team building


  • research on feasibility of your business ideas and planning
  • creation of MVP (Minimum Viable Product - the very fundamental form of product with minimum features for early stage release)

and finally on Sunday evening,

  • make final presentations in front of the judges that we invite

【This event is supported by】 Eco+Cre cafe (

... Dialogue Community held at Shinagawa Eco Live Office by KOKUYO

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