【We do this in Manazuru!】Startup Weekend Manazuru Preliminary Explanation session

Sat, 07 Jun 2014 15:00 - 18:00 JST

Information Centre Manazuru [ Manazuru Library ]

433−1 Manatsuru, Manazuru, Ashigarashimo District


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■ Message from Startup Weekend Manazuru operation team

Startup Weekend (SW) is
from quote of Jonny Li (Japanese article) ,who brought SW to Japan, "it's a place where people meet up for the first time, form teams and make a product together druing 3 days on a weekend!!" type of event.
Reference: (Japanese blog article)

With the latest information, SW has been spread to over 700 cities and areas ( ← Please check the world map on the page that Manazuru is clearly marked also :) ) and we would like to have an explanatory session prior to our first SW Manazuru session to be held between Fri June 20th and Sun 22nd.

Planned topics are:

  • What is Startup Weekend (SW)?
  • What is characteristic about SW Manazuru and Manazuru Town? What are the challenges?
  • How can I get involved as a participant or a cooperator ?

and so forth.

Please plan to visit us on this occasion.
Inviting your friends is also welcome.

We, SW Manazuru team, are looking forward to seeing you all here in Manazuru!!

SW Manazuru Web site

(Current SW communities in Japan: TokyoKyotoOsakaNagoyaFukuokaKumamotoOkinawaSendaiIshinomakiNagano(Shinshu) also in April newly held in Niigata and Yokohama.

Currently spread in major cities but Manazuru will be the very first one to be held in Town or Village level in Japan.)

■ Target Participants

Anyone around Manazuru area and also people outside of Manazuru region.

  • interested to know SW and SW Manazuru
  • would like to consider participating SW Manazuru
  • would like to know about Manazuru Town
  • would like to visit Manazuru Town
  • interested in Startup ideas that connect Tokyo (Big city) area and local region like Manazuru and create new life style or work style
  • would like to cooperate SW Manazuru but currently don't know how to get involved so would like to know more about it


■ Program

14:30 Venue opens
15:00 Greetings from Team SW Manazuru
  on SW
 explanation on SW Manazuru and Manazuru Town
  About our first SW Manazuru session
 ・ on schedule during the weekend
 ・ introduction of judges and coaches
 ・ on Meals, Hostels and Bath
 ・ on Sponsorship status
  Other topics
 on participation registration procedure
  on what we aim through SW Manazuru
  Q&A and Free Discussion etc.
18:00 end of the session

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