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【Global Startup Batlle】 Startup Weekend Manazuru - the 3rd session !! - 54 hours in Manazuru to step into startup world and find your future startup crew)

Fri, 20 Nov 2015 18:50 - Sun, 22 Nov 2015 21:00


894-1 Manatsuru, Manazuru, Ashigarashimo District

Jeff Garrish Kaito Aoki Noriko Nagura 相野谷 臣 Hidetaka Okutsu 青木良磨 五十嵐 佳奈 + 2 more participants

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Pre-Paid Ticket (Local Sponsor discuont)
¥1,000 prepaid
Last minute Ticket (Local Sponsor discuont)
¥1,000 prepaid
¥1,000 at the door
7 meals during the session included.

■ Hack Manazuru! Hack in Manazuru!! - Grasp your Ticket to the World here in Manazuru !

The Event - Startup Weekend , spread in over 150 countries around the world, now comes BACK to Manazuru !!!

In Manazuru, this is the 3rd time since first held in June 2014.
Here, it is organised with the back-up of whole town (the town office, the community, etc.) and has been providing great opportunities for new business idea validations especially for those who are interested in resolving local community issues.

We are proud that we are the first one to hold Startup Weekend (SW) in Japan among town or village level communities. We aim to put distance from Tokyo-centric approaches and provide you to challenge your startup idea from local side.

This time especially, we hold out "UNPLUGGED" as our theme.
We mean and encourage strongly to support talents like cooks and carpenters as well as engineers or designers.

Our venue this time is also characteristic.
Manazuru is a fishermen's town and we will use "SATOUMI BASE" located near Manazur port where you can have broad sky and ocean views in front.
It has garage like atmosphere - start yourself up from the "garage" ;-)
We aim to stand out among SW Japan cities with these characteristic aspects which only Manazuru can provide.

Moreover, it will be held during Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) which is once in a year opportunity. Awarded teams at SW Manazuru will have rights to proceed to Global Startup Battle Asia-Pacific selection stage !!

"Hack" your ideas and give it a life over 54 hours of the weekend. Welcome on board to the Startup Weekend journey ! We very much look forward to seeing you in Manazuru on this occasion !!

■ What do I do in Startup Weekend?

Startup Weekend (SW) is an "apparatus" for you to take your first step as an entrepreneur. There, you can utilize it to challenge and validate your new business model creation.

In this one weekend, you will get to experience the whole process that you would face when you sail out to launch a start-up.

(From pitching your business ideas to someone, make them connected emotionally, form a team, etc. to create actual objects, acquire customers and sell your products or service. We make you challenge those things in this one weekend.)

SW begins with 1 minute business idea pitch on Friday evening. Then form teams with people declaring his/her roll as either Hustler / Hacker / Designer.
Each team prepares a UX (User Experience) featured MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and business model by Sunday evening.

Briefly explaining, a Hustler takes a roll of opening up your (future) customers' true minds, Hacker - function development, Designer features user friendly designs.
(To see more precise definitions of these 3 rolls, please check the last section of this notice - "SW FAQ" along with basic rules of SW.
Hustler - "one who measures" / Hacker - "Visualizer by making things" / Designer - "learner to apply")

《Time Table》

18:15 Venue opens 9:00AM Day2 begins
 (breakfast provided - with Ocean View !! )
9:00AM Day3 begins
 (Again, ocean-view breakfast to be provided !!! )
19:00 Opening Party
 "Pizza & Beer"

 Ice breaking time among participants over meal & drinks.
9:30AM MVP creation and user testing
 (Your first target is "to acquire the very first customer"
12:00PM Lunch
19:30 Mini Game
 (As a warm-up for 1-min idea pitch and team building)
12:00PM Lunch 15:00 Tech Check toward Your Final Presentations
 (plug your devices to the devices provided at the venue and check)
20:00 60 sec idea pitch by participants 14:00 Consultation by Coaches
 (Consultation Tables will be provided)
20:45 Vote to Ideas 18:30 Dinner 18:45 Judging&Awards
21:15 Team Building & Self-introductions 21:00 End of Day2
22:00 End of Day1 19:00 Wrap-up Party
21:00 End of Day3 Let's go home!

【Access and Stay info in Manazuru】

Please arrange where to stay by yourselves. Manazuru Tourism Association could support to provide necessary information.

[Manazuru Tourism Association](http://www.manazuru.net/)
※ Please check the section 「泊まる」 (Stay) part (Although we are sorry that it is in Japanese only)    
Mail address: office@manazuru.net TEL: 0465-68-2543

  • For meals, we plan to provide from local ingredients.
  • JR useful ticket info (Yugawara・Manazuru PASS) ※Valid for 2 Days. Unlimited ride between Atami・Yugawara〜Manazuru 〜Odawara
  • Last Day Nov 22(Sun) Manazuru 22:17 Depart→Shinagawa 23:38 Arrive, [LAST Train] Manazuru 22:44 Depart →Shinagawa 00:07 Arrive


There is no rule in Startup Weekend. - Except ↓ ;)

  • You are coFounders. Not employers and employees.
  • Who is The Idea Man? Hacker, Hustler, Designer, Anyone!
  • Hustler: Measure. Test the value of your visualized idea.
     Measure the value of products and services, measure customer needs.
     Talk, "exploit" or "hustle" etc. and bring out customers' real feelings.
     Feedback your measured results to your team. Sell. Experiment.
     !) Hustle not with your team
     but with your customers and users.

  • Hacker: Visualize. Make your ide visible with any means - Hardware, Software, using Papers, anything.
     Putting value aside, make something in order to visualize.
     Prioritize Visualization most - visualize your hypothesis, visualize the value of your products or services.
     Do start-up now and here, Don't do hackaton.

  • Designer: "Lerner". UX not UI. Adding values which you've found or learn out of the data from Hustler.
     To where? Things your team produces: Ideas & Products.
     Fine-tune the value of your products or services.

  • Pitch is ? Not to explain your ideas to others but to make them get connected to your ideas. Motivate them to act in order to give your idea a shape!

  • Pitch 1min -> 1st Discussion 10min for preparing vote -> Vote 3min -> Pitch Winners' 2nd pitch 30sec -> 2nd Discussion 15min for fixing teams.

  • Startup Weekend is not about winning.
     SW creates not Startups but Entrepreneurs

  • Startup Weekend is not Hackathon.

  • Startup Weekend is not Event company.

Manazuru Town, Kanagawa pref. (located in West part of Kanagawa)

Manazuru Tourism Association

Manazuru Commercial and Industrial Association

Manazuru Commercial and Industrial Association Youth

■ Startup Weekend Manazuru Official site

■ Startup Manazuru Official Facebook page

※ For cancellation, please contact us until 23:59 on Wednesday November 18th.
We will have 100% reimbursement.
Contacts after that, we cannot accept requests for reimbursement. Mainly due to Food arrangements.
Thank you for your understanding.

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